The Ants and the Grasshopper(テスト投稿)

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The Ants and the Grasshopper

 One day in summer, when a grasshopper was singing in the grassy meadow, a group of ants walked by.

"Hello, dear ants. What are you doing drenched in sweat?"

"Hello, grasshopper. We are conveying food."

"Hmm… I see. But as you can see, there is plenty of food around here.

 Why do you have to convey food to your home one by one?

 Look at me. I eat things around here when I get hungry. I sing merrily or have fun for the rest of the time."

"Listen, grasshopper.

 We have plenty of food right now because it's summer, but once winter comes, there will be no food to eat here.

 It is better to stock up food for winter or you may get in trouble later."

 When the ants said so, the grasshopper laughed sniffily.


and he said,

"Summer time has just started. Think about winter when it arrives."

 After that, he started to sing a song again.

 The grasshopper kept enjoying his life singing merrily while the ants worked hard to convey food to the house.

 Before long, summer faded into autumn

 The grasshopper is singing much merrilier.

 At last, a cold, cold winter has arrived.

 The grassy meadow has all gone and there is not a crumb to eat for the grasshopper.

"Ah… I am starving.

 It seems like I am in trouble.

 I have to find something to eat somewhere… Where shall I go?"

 Let me see… Oh, here it is.

 I remember the ants were working hard to stock up food.

 Right, I shall go to the ants' and ask for food."

 The grasshopper rushed to the ants', but the ant answered from the house,

"I told you to save some food during summer when there is plenty of food.

 All I have here is only for my family. I'm sorry but there is nothing for you."

 He said to the grasshopper without opening the door.

 The grasshopper was disappointed and shivering in the middle of the snowy filed.

 If you are being lazy and having an easy life, you will get your fingers burnt in the meantime.

The end


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